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Empower Your AI Journey

We understand the unique challenges startups face, we've been there. That's why we've crafted a special program to help you accelerate your AI development and business growth with exclusive perks and benefits.


Reduction in related DevOps and MLOps expenses

Your team can focus on actual AI development, leaving hardware provisioning and pipelines setup to Apolo.


Hours to Launch

Apolo GPUs and AI development toolkit will be up and running within 1 business day. Get your AI workloads ready!


Reduction in Time-to-Market

Teams using Apolo significantly reduce their AI models' time-to-market.

What's Included in Apolo for Startups?

- GPU Compute Hours: Get 2,000 Nvidia A100 GPU hours to train your models when you move your workloads to Apolo. Use this time to conduct major experiments and launch your MVP.

- MLOps Setup and Consulting: Enjoy 40 hours of free MLOps setup and consulting to launch your project on Apolo, integrate external cloud services, and more.

- AI/ML Research and Development: Benefit from 40 hours of free ML research and development. Utilize Apolo’s experts to launch experiments, solve complex problems, and develop projects ranging from computer vision models to recommendation chatbots.

- No Egress Fees: Never pay egress fees, ensuring all your cloud credits are truly free.

- Free Apolo Platform License: Access the Apolo platform license free for 12 months, with continued free access as long as you use at least 5 GPU hours per month.

- Discounted Pricing: Get 30% off for 12 months on any pay-as-you-go or dedicated instance pricing.

- Access to Intern Network: Through Apolo’s collaboration with Nomad Futurist, gain access to a network of interns.

- Discounted Team Augmentation: Get 30% off team augmentation hours without long-term commitment. Apolo provides ML researchers, ML engineers, MLOps, DevOps, and software engineers (frontend, backend, mobile, QA, and more). Need short-term help for a month or two? Apolo is here to support you on your AI journey.

Build with Apolo
Enterprise Grade Support:

- Free AI Cloud Audit: Show us your bill, and our DevOps, FinOps, and MLOps teams will help you optimize your current spending and integrate with Apolo compute resources.

- Free Platform Support: Enjoy free platform support via Slack as long as you use the platform.

- Monthly MLOps Support: Receive 8 hours of monthly MLOps support on the Apolo platform to set up your experiments on Llama 3, or configure DSPy, LangChain libraries, etc.

Grow Your Team – Not Your Burn Rate

Apply today, and enjoy up to $50,000 in value of combined benefits.

Why choose Apolo for Startups?

Tailored Solutions: Our program is designed specifically for startups, providing the resources you need to succeed.

Expert Guidance: Work with industry-leading professionals to refine your AI and business strategies.

Growth Opportunities: Leverage our network and tools to accelerate your market reach and impact.

Who is Eligible?

To ensure that our resources are allocated to startups poised for growth and innovation, we have established the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Years in Business: Startups must be in operation for no more than 5 years (with some exceptions).

  2. Funding Raised and ARR: Companies must have raised at least $100,000 or have at least $100,000 in ARR.

  3. Backing: Be referred by 3DLOOK.

How to Apply:

If your startup meets the above criteria and you're ready to supercharge your AI development with Apolo, apply now to join our exclusive program. Our team will review your application and get back to you with the next steps within 48 hours.

Access your new GPU resource today