PowerSetter Case Study

“PowerSetter is saving an average of $6,300 per month on high-performance computing costs, which has been a substantial benefit for our growth and operations. We're now able to provide faster and more personalized energy solutions to our users."

Mark Feygin, Co-founder and CEO

The Opportunity.

As the largest digital energy comparison platform, PowerSetter recognized the growing need to enhance its services and provide consumers with more efficient and personalized energy solutions. With the energy market evolving rapidly and consumers seeking greater control over their energy choices, PowerSetter saw an opportunity to leverage AI and other advanced technologies to revolutionize the energy comparison experience.

The Challenge.

PowerSetter faced several challenges in achieving its vision of delivering a cutting-edge energy comparison platform. These challenges included the need to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, provide real-time insights to consumers, and ensure scalability to accommodate a growing user base. Additionally, the platform required sophisticated machine learning and AI capabilities to analyze consumer preferences and offer personalized energy recommendations.

The Solution.

To address these challenges, PowerSetter partnered with Apolo and implemented the Apolo GPU Hub & AI-Centric Ecosystem. By leveraging Apolo's comprehensive suite of tools and resources, PowerSetter was able to transform its platform into an even more dynamic and intelligent energy comparison solution. Apolo's HPC resources enabled PowerSetter to process large datasets with unparalleled speed and efficiency, while the integrated AI Platform and ML development toolkit empowered PowerSetter to deliver personalized energy recommendations to consumers in real-time.

Furthermore, Apolo's flexible deployment options allowed PowerSetter to deploy the solution in a distributed architecture, ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Whether as a dedicated enterprise cluster or a multi-tenant white-label solution, Apolo provided PowerSetter with the flexibility and reliability needed to support its growing user base and evolving business needs.


By partnering with Apolo, PowerSetter successfully transformed its digital energy comparison platform into a market-leading solution that empowers consumers to make informed energy choices. With Apolo's advanced technologies, services, and scalable infrastructure, PowerSetter can continue to innovate and deliver unparalleled value to its users, driving greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

This case study highlights how Apolo's GPU Hub & AI-Centric Ecosystem revolutionized PowerSetter's energy comparison platform, demonstrating the transformative impact of advanced technologies in the energy industry.

PowerSetter is the leading digital platform for energy comparison, educating consumers about their available energy choices, allowing them to compare multiple energy suppliers, switch to the best one, and enroll in community solar programs.